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We’ve Been Hearing a Lot About Skincare On-The-Go.

Why everyone needs skincare on-the-go, skincare minis, and travel sizes.

Why would you need skincare minis?

When talking about skincare On-The-Go, skincare and beauty brands usually mention “travel sizes”, referring to smaller bottles or containers. But why would you need skincare minis?

Here, we´ll tell you all about circumstances and scenarios where travel-sized skincare minis may be more convenient than the alternative full-sized versions.

For most of us, skincare routines are executed in the comfort of the home, usually within our bathroom walls. Even so, we can think of so many scenarios where we prefer those minis.

Travel and holidays.

We all long for a much-needed vacation every now and then. Whether you decide to head for the beach, the big city, or the great outdoors and secluded wilderness, you’ll need to take good care of your skin. Harmful UV-radiation, aggressive sunrays, harsh weather, and even the salted sea can contribute to damaged skin and cause it to show premature signs of aging. If you´re about to spend time exploring big cities, dirt, urban pollution may also seriously affect you skin.

The skin also responds to lifestyle habits – and changes. Vacations and holidays can significantly up-end our routine and daily habits, sometimes resulting in skin inflammation, dryness, or breakouts.

In these circumstances, the skin’s best defence is a powerful skincare regimen. However, limited space for luggage influences our packing choices. Often our full-size skincare products are simply left at home. This makes it hard to maintain or carry out a healthy skincare routine.

This is when travel skincare sets are ideal, making sure you can take good care of your skin when it needs it the most!

In-flight and airports.

While we love traveling, we’re less fond of much-dreaded airport delays and long flights in loud and crowded airplanes. We recommend making the most of your air travel by giving your skin some extra attention: moisturize or apply an eye mask after take-off. Skincare travel sets are perfect for the occasion, and the biggest plus – the handy minis are usually TSA-approved!

Work or school.

Have you heard about “Dry Office Skin”? The term is becoming more widespread as more people are looking for solutions to the much-familiar consequence of spending their days in dry AC air.

Maintaining well-hydrated skin while working in an air-conditioned office, or sitting through lectures in a dry classroom, can be quite the challenge.

During long office hours our skin can definitely benefit from a restoring pick-me-up. Top of your moisturizer, spray on some facial mist, or even do a facial cleansing (psst, we recommend a no-rinse cleanser!), making sure to protect your skin and maintain much-needed moisture throughout the day.

Mini skincare sets are amazing for some skin pampering during the day. Plus – they perfectly fit in your suitcase or school backpack!

Swim & gym bag.

After all the sweating and showering that inevitably follows exercise and working out, most of us need to apply some skincare essentials. Full-size moisturizers, serums, body creams, cleansers, and even scrubs can quickly fill the limited space in your gym bag. This is when travel-sizes of your all-time favorites truly come in handy.

Out and about.

For those busy bees that are always out and about, skincare essentials in handy travel sizes are a no-brainer. Find your favorites and store them in your handbag or backpack (or even glove department) so you can cleanse, enhance, or moisturize, anywhere and anytime.

Finally, there are those that simply prefer the smaller bottles. Whatever the reason, we recommend having some skincare minis within reach, making sure to keep your skin healthy and well-hydrated at all times.


We have assembled our very own On-The-Go skincare set, featuring five favorites from our product range in handy travel sizes. The luxury skincare minis come in a transparent and travel-friendly cosmetic bag, made from biodegradable TPU plastic. Together, these products will leave you with a truly cleansing and hydrating BIOEFFECT skincare routine making sure your skin feels rejuvenated and moisturized.

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