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7 Steps for Glowing Skin This Summer

The season of sun is just around the corner, so we are prepping our summer skin care routines. No matter what you do, or don't do, this summer, you should know these 7 tips to ensure glowing skin all summer long!

#1 Sunscreen is Non-negotiable

Glowing skin shines through a well-protected complexion. We recommend wearing sunscreen year-round but it is even more important to be diligent during the summer months. Ensure you are reapplying your favorite mineral or chemical sunscreen throughout the day and take it down your neck and over your hands. COOLA Organic Suncare Canada has a variety of organic classic and mineral formulas to help protect you from external aggressors, like UV rays and digital damage, all year long!

#2 Streamline Your Routine

Between the summer sun, air conditioning, allergies and hot, humid air, our skin can become quite irritated and inflamed. Streamlining your skincare routine back to basics is a great way to calm, soothe and repair your skin so you can return to a healthy summer glow. At BIOEFFECT, we pride ourselves in offering a curated collection of skincare that is oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. All formulated with fewest ingredients possible to minimize skin irritation and still deliver amazing results.

#3 Exfoliate

Exfoliating reveals your skin’s true and healthy natural glow. Our Volcanic Exfoliator gently buffs away dry and dead skin with micro-crystalized lava and ground apricot seeds delivering a brighter, clearer complexion. For best results, use twice a week to help maintain glowing summer skin.

#4 Hydration is Key

To keep skin hydrated yet comfortable during the warmer months, we recommend swapping out heavier creams in favour of lightweight formulations. Our EGF Day Serum is a summer-approved gel texture that delivers a fresh, satin skin glow. It’s a firm favorite with men too as it glides on effortlessly for a smooth finish.

#5 Re-Hydrate Your Skin Throughout the Day

Dry summer air and recycled fan air can draw moisture from your skin leaving it feeling tight and looking dull and lackluster. Our OSA Water Mist is ideal to refresh and soothe skin throughout the day - we often refer to it as portable hydration in a tube. With skin-softening pure Icelandic water and Optimized Hyaluronic Acid it replenishes your skin’s hydration levels and rebalances complexions.

#6 Don’t Neglect Your Eye Area

A refreshed and hydrated eye area compliments glowing skin. Did you know that the skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner and significantly dryer than that on the rest of the face? Don’t neglect to nourish and hydrate the skin around your eye area.

Between dealing with irritated eyes from allergies and constant squinting on sunny days, giving your eye area some extra love and care can make all the difference. Once a week, treat yourself to the EGF Eye Mask Treatment – top tip is to chill the Imprinting Eye Masks in the fridge before use. It offers a cooling and soothing sensation around the eyes whilst revitalizing and plumping dry, delicate skin.

#7 Nourish Your Skin at Night

Hydrated skin leads to glowing skin. This is why we consistently talk about tips to rehydrate and replenish moisture levels in the skin. Choosing lightweight textures, like our EGF Day Serum, during the day means that at night you can focus on deeper nourishment. We recommend pairing 2-4 splashes of our refreshing EGF Essence with a few drops of our plant-based EGF Serum for warm summer nights. This duo will not feel heavy when layered and will deliver you with firmer-looking, radiant and glowing skin each morning.


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