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Uncover the secrets of EGF Skincare

Introducing the limited edition EGF Serum Value Set

When it comes to skincare routines, its never 'one routine fits all', sadly. However, with formulations like ours, that are as pure as they get and suitable for all skin types, we've come pretty close.

Building the perfect skincare regimen. Sounds so simple, right? But it’s something everyone struggles with and it’s hard to perfect as everchanging elements around us tend to both change our skin and it’s needs.

Enter the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum Value Set! Here to save you from the trouble of having to do all the hard calculations of which ingredients best suit your skin type as well as what products complement and enhance each other. Let’s not even get started on in what order to apply them in! We have it all clear and covered for you below.

Our EGF Serum Value Set includes a full size EGF Serum and comes with luxury samples of the EGF Eye Serum, EGF Essence as well as the EGF Body Serum. With these 4 products we’ve created the perfect EGF routine for both body and face.

• Start by pouring a palmful of EGF Essence into your hand, about 2-4 splashes, and gently press into the skin on your clean face, neck, and décolléte.

• Follow that by applying 2-4 drops of the EGF Serum to face, neck, and décolleté, you can do this both morning and night.

• As a last step for your face, apply the EGF Eye Serum to skin around the eye. Dispense a tiny amount onto your finger, then massage or tap gently with fingertips to ensure even application.

• When using the EGF Body Serum, apply 2-3 pumps to each part of the body and massage in smooth circular motions. For best results, use daily after showering or bathing.

Tip from us: EGF likes a very moist environment, so it is best applied after a shower or bath, or after cleaning your face in the morning or evening.

As consumers, it’s often overwhelming having to choose from the hundreds of skincare products that are on the market and to complicate it even further, most brands will also label their products with phrases such as ‘hydrating’, ‘brightening’ or ‘anti-aging’ (I know, we’re guilty of that too!) But most of the label’s skincare brands put on their products are to grab your attention and stand out in the sea of products you are faced with. With such simple labelling, it should be easy to find a product that will address your skin concerns.

Unfortunately, that is often not the case, and you may end up choosing to purchase a product that claims to produce a specific result and end up with lackluster results if any at all. So, it is no surprise that most of the people we talk to find themselves confused and overwhelmed when looking for skincare.

However, at BIOEFFECT we can back our labels up with months’ worth of efficacy studies with multiple participants, to make sure that our formulations do what we say they do. With only 7 ingredients in our most popular product, the EGF Serum, it prides us to say that it, as well as our other products, are suitable for all skin types.

Believe in your products, believe in your routine, believe in BIOEFFECT.


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