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Over the next few decades our dedicated biomedical experts developed groundbreaking research to turn this discovery into a clean, pure and highly effective skin care product – the first in the world to contain human-like cellular activators derived from plants.

In 2001 a team of Icelandic scientists, led by Dr Bjorn Orvar, formed a biotechnology company to find a better and purer way of producing human-like cellular activators for medical research and medicine. Conventional EGF production methods (still prevalent in the industry today) use E. coli bacteria or animal cells but the BIOEFFECT team created patent-pending technologies to create a pure form of EGF inside the seeds of the barley plant.

Born to the most commanding of landscapes, Icelanders have an innate respect for their environment. We work with nature, not against it, and depend on both our land and on each other. How else could we survive on a bare rock in the middle of the North Atlantic? Our strong heritage of creativity and appreciation of the natural world makes Iceland a place of science and discovery. We produce men and women passionate about research, who respect the earth and work in harmony with this most rugged environment to reveal, harness and protect some of nature’s most bountiful riches.

We strive to make all our operations environmentally friendly. Our barley is grown in pure volcanic pumice and watered with natural Icelandic spring water. The light and heating in our state-of-the-art greenhouses comes from a sustainable volcanic source. The barley is fed pure nutrients, meaning that water from our greenhouses is clean and safe to drink.

Our biotechnology methods cut out the risk of including bacterial endotoxins or human infectious agents in the active EGF ingredients and our unique EGF base formula is combined with only the purest essential ingredients. That means NO preservatives, fragrances or unnecessary chemicals. Just truly effective pure and clean skin care products.

The Icelandic spirit is at the heart of everything we do. We work in harmony with the natural resource of the Icelandic landscape to produce uniquely pure products using sustainable technologies. This is Icelandic innovation and Icelandic skin care at it’s very best!
BIOEFFECT’s clean skin care products harness the raw power of Icelandic natural resource. We focus on caring for our environment and the trust of our customers. That’s why we scrutinize everything we do, so that we always maintain sustainability and excellence.
In 1986 a team of scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery of a protein vital to the health of human skin, a cellular activator called the
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).
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