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Diminish Dry Spots

Summer Is Almost Over: Now Is The Time To Reduce Sun Damage On Skin

As pumpkin spice lattes creep into your favorite coffee shop and the leaves start to change color, it's time to reflect on damage that the sun has done to your skin over the summer. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the sunshine, but it's key that you properly repair your skin after the hot summer months. If you experienced a sunburn this summer, or saw some new sun spots pop up, it's time to do some work and repair your skin.

Using our EGF serum is a great way to diminish dry spots and reduce sun damage on your skin. EGF is derived from plants, and boosts your skin's natural healing process. This can make your skin get over sun damage faster than it would on it's own, and this can go a long way in restoring your skin's natural glow, and helping you with any lingering issues from the sun (such as melasma or dry spots).

As summer comes to a close, it's the perfect time to put in the hard work necessary to diminish dry spots and reduce sun damage on skin. It's likely that you've spent plenty of time enjoying the sun and fresh air over the past few months. Unfortunately, spending time soaking up UV rays can do damage to your skin on several levels, especially if you had times outside when you didn't wear sunscreen. When you use our EGF serum, your skin will have the chance to begin to repair on a cellular level. At BIOEFFECT, we're here to provide you with the natural, plant based skin care that you can trust to reduce sun damage on skin.

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